Broadband High-Speed Internet Service is ready for your home.

You may have heard about Broadband - the new High-Speed Internet service available from Coalfields Telephone. But how does Broadband work? How fast is it? What equipment do you need to receive Broadband access on your computer? To get you ready for Broadband, we’ve compiled a simple, plain-English overview of how Broadband works and what equipment you need to prepare.


Broadband is a revolutionary new technology that will forever change the way you work, live, play and communicate. Broadband allows you to receive super-fast Internet access (up to 46 times faster than a 56K modem) over your existing telephone line. This means that a file that would take you 30 minutes to download now would take you about 45 seconds with Broadband. With Broadband, you can download streaming audio and video, play Internet games, or download large files with ease. You can preview a movie, attend a video conference, participate in distance learning, and be ready for whatever the Internet has to offer next. You’ll never think twice before hitting the download button again!


Broadband splits out the unused bandwidth on your existing telephone line, and uses this bandwidth to support high-speed data traffic. This means that having Coalfields Broadband service is like having two telephone lines in one. You can make phone calls or send faxes, and surf the Internet at the same time, over the same phone line! And, your High-Speed Internet connection is always on, which means you never have to waste time dialing up again. Broadband is a dedicated connection from your computer to our central office. So, unlike cable modems, you don’t have to share your bandwidth with anyone. As a result, you’ll experience more consistent download speeds. Simply open up your Internet browser to begin a session.

Data Speeds are not “Unlimited”. Data Usage levels will apply to appropriate advertised speed(s) listed with pricing - Data Usage tier flyer/information can be found and downloaded on the Data Your Way Portal page here.