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Serving Your Telephone Needs For The Past 60 Years

Coalfields Telephone & Broadband serving telephone, television and broadband needs of our customers is our primary goal. Whether it is quality phone service with the latest in calling features, or high-speed DSL internet service (Broadband) that brings the world to your front door, we bring a host of telecommunications technologies home.

“Coalfields is very excited to be the industry leader in serving your entertainment needs. We pride ourselves in giving you the best Phone, Broadband and Digital TV Services in Eastern Kentucky”
– R. Heath Wiley, Director of Marketing

Under the flagship name of Gearheart Communications, we are providing you with these services.

Coalfields Long Distance, Inter Mountain Cable, Home Satellite Service, Mikrotec Internet Service, Paging, Security, Telephone Service, MTS and Data and Equipment Sales are all part of the Gearheart Communications’ family.